aFe: aFe builds a wide range of universal clamp-on filters, designed to provide performance and protection. Most sizes come in your choice of three progressive medias designed to meet your specific needs. aFe Pro Dry synthetic air filter elements feature an oil-free, 2-layer synthetic filter and a wire mesh outer cover for structural integrity and quality. This provides 50 percent more airflow for better performance, increasing horsepower and torque. They come available for many applications.

AEM: AEM Universal Clamp-on air filters come in two basic types. Standard Dryflow® air filter has screen wire for rigid structural strength. These filters have a thick red colored oil-free filtering media. Other clamp-on air filter is our Brute Force Dryflow® air filter. It is a durable filter that is a favorite in rough, dusty racing conditions. These filters have a gray colored filtering media.
K&N: K&N's Universal Air Filters are designed and manufactured for a wide variety of applications. Regardless of the angle, offset diameter of the air intake, there is a K&N Universal air filter for your equipment. All filters are constructed with ultra-strong molded pliable rubber flanges which absorb vibration. K&N Universal air filters are available in round, tapered (cone style) and oval designs, for just about any special application.


aFe: The AFE OE Replacment Performance Filters outflow the factory air filter by 34%. They are Constructed with 100% polyurethane on all four sides, this high flow, OE replacement performance filter will out flow stock paper filter for improved horsepower and torque. Washable and reusable for multiple cleaning cycles, the tall open evenly space pleats provide excellent dust holding capacity for longer service cycle between cleanings.

K&N: The K&N OE Replacment Filters fit into the factory air box and are engineered to seal tightly with no air leakage. Our stock replacement air filters are washable, reusable and can handle all driving conditions. Water will not damage their performance and with proper cleaning, they will last the life of your engine. These replacement air filters are designed to provide up to a 4% increase in horsepower and torque. The amount of performance gain varies from vehicle to vehicle based on the overall factory air intake design.


aFe: aFe Magnum Shield Pre-Filters protect your performance air filter and extends your filter cleaning intervals by removing large particles from the air stream prior to the air filter. This pre-filter does not restrict air flow and is made of a dry weave fabric that does not attract dirt and cleans with soap and water.
K&N: K&N PreCharger® filter wrap is specially designed to extend the service interval of your K&N Filtercharger filter when used in very dusty conditions. They are made from durable polyester material containing a uniform weave. The PreCharger will stop small dirt particles with minimal restriction to the airflow of the filter